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Testing Experimental IPv6 Technology and Services in Hungary

TIPSTER6 konzorcium célja az IPv6 Internet tesztelése Magyarországon


Levelezési cím : tipster6@ik.bme.hu

IPv6 Statistics page

From an IPv6 server (hydra6.ik.bme.hu) we are collecting periodical information about the operations of the 6bone. Based on standard tools and some perl scripts, we are monitoring 6bone sites reachability and routing configurations, providing various reports and statistics.

We are constantly improving our IPv6 statistics page by adding new monitoring and tesying tools.


Peerings status is observed looking at the behaviour of our IPv6 backbone routers. Traffic statistics over the main IPv6  tunnels  from TIPSTER6 to the other Backbone Sites are shown. Page maintained by János Mohácsi.

Routing Information are based on the dynamic routing configuration we observe within our IPv6 routers. We are providing an up-to-date graphic display of the BGP4+ routing entries we get at BME-FSZ, 24 hours stability and odd routes circulating in the 6bone reports, generated using the ASpath-tree developed by CSELT/IT. Page maintained by János Mohácsi.

Reachability Statistics are collected from BME-FSZ to the other Backbone Sites. They are based on the answers to sequences of ICMP Echo Request. We are providing both snapshots of the last performed tests and historical views of the Loss and Round Trip Time behaviour over time. This tool was maintained by Szabolcs Szigeti ( szigi@ik.bme.hu)

Topology statistics are based on reachability statistics from BME-FSZ to other BackBone Sites in longer period of time. Testing now. This tool is maintained by János Mohácsi. (mohacsi@ik.bme.hu )

IPv6 testing

Traceroute from hydra6.ik.bme.hu

Traceroute from hydra6.ik.bme.hu to .

Max TTL:

Other IPv6 statistics page

JOIN/DE 6bone ping statistics
CSELT/IT 6bone ping statistics
6bone routing information form CSELT/IT
Traceroute and BGP4+ loking glass from CSELT/IT
NIST/US 6bone reachability status from NIST
TICL/UK 6bone ping statistics
LANCS/UK 6bone reachability statistics
Traceroutes from ULANCS
Suspected Routing Loops
RNP/BR 6Bone BR - Ping (IPv4 & IPv6)
6Bone BR - Traceroute (IPv4 & IPv6)
KAIST/KR 6bone ping statistics
G6/FR G6 Looking Glass
DIGEX/US DIGEX: 6bone Looking Glass
SWITCH/CH 6bone routing information form SWITCH
TRUMPET/AU 6bone routing information form TRUMPET
ETRI/KR 6bone routing information from ETRI
CRC/CA 6bone routing information from CRC
AMS-IX/NL 6bone backbone
The complete BGP table
The BGP4+ routing table on ipv6-gate.ipv6.att.nl
INTOUCH/NL (AMS-IX) 6bone reachability statistics
6bone routing information from INTOUCH
UL/PT 6bone routing information form UL
RCCN/PT 6bone routing information form RCCN
AT&T LABS EUROPE 6bone routing information from AT&T Labs Europe (Holmdel)
6bone routing information from AT&T Labs Europe (Geneva1)
6bone routing information from AT&T Labs Europe (Geneva2)


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